What Makes Snowdonia Cottages Unique?

When you think about it, Snowdonia is not really the most exotic place you could visit, is it? With the snow covered mountains, cold temperatures and foggy evenings, at first sight it doesn’t make you want to start looking for Snowdonia cottages for holiday.

But the area has a valuable ace up its sleeve: the natural landscape is a source of inspiration and relaxation for thousands of tourists each year. Plus, Snowdonia encapsulates Wales’ largest natural lakes, the Llyn Tegid.

The uniqueness of Snowdonia cottages
Here in the heart of Wales the Welsh language is still spoken. It is one of Europe’s most valued treasures, being one of its oldest languages. Imagine yourself walking down the streets of Bala and listening to the beautiful Welsh language being spoken by families, friends and businesses alike.
And – who knows? – maybe you will find yourself accommodated in a cottage whose owners can teach you a bit of Welsh!

Landmarks close to Snowdonia cottages
Another often encountered misunderstanding about Snowdonia is that there’s nothing to do apart from hitch hiking and mountain climbing. So if you are not a mountain lover, you will automatically think this place will not be your cup of tea.

Wrong. Snowdonia has a bit of everything, to please everyone. Let’s say your friends are huge fans of mountain climbing. What will you do while they’re gone exploring the nature?

Well, you won’t get bored. You can visit the Harlech Castle, one of Britain’s best preserved castles. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage and it dates back to the 13th century. The National Slate Museum is another interesting landmark…

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