The Snowdon Cottage is a well situated for people who are interested in astronomy both on an amateur and professional basis as there is no light pollution. In April 2015, we had a group of astronomers from Philippus Lansbergen Observatory in the Netherlands visit us and they were able to view the night sky and take the fabulous photographs that you can see below.

Hi Clare

Yesterday we returned home from a very successful week in Wales. We had perfect weather for stargazing at night, watching the sun in daytime and walking the beautiful mountains of North Wales. We’ve climbed Snowdon and Cader Idris and walked a part of the coastal path of Lleyn Peninsula. We also had an arranged tour at OpTics, St. Asaph, where they are making (polishing) the mirrors for the new Extremely Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Very interesting.

Your cottage is placed in a very dark spot. No light pollution at all, and so, perfect for stargazing (see attached pictures). We had five clear nights in a row!

We will recommend this place for stargazing.

Dark spots are getting more and more rare on one hand, and more and more popular on the other hand. I hope our stay will make that more stargazers come to your cottage.

Thanks again.
Rijk-Jan Koppejan

Thanks to Philippus Lansbergen Observatory, Middelburg, the Netherlands for the amazing photos and the video.